Saturday morning, the "waves" of people tackling the Insane Inflatable 5K at the UM campus will start at about 8:45 a.m.

The "waves" of contestants will be released every 15 minutes and there are individuals and teams signed up for the fun. The 5-kilometer course is spread throughout the Missoula campus, and yes, you will actually run a 5-kilometer course.

Here are few more details:
Check in at the "start-finish line" and the "Midway" at the Grizzly Stadium tailgate area on South 5th East. Parking will be tight - partly because of the construction at the fieldhouse, and the Jurassic Quest dinosaur event, which is also there this weekend.

From the start-finish line, runners will first encounter the obstacle "Mattress." Then as you pass the stadium, you'll find "Big Balls." The course then takes you past the swimming pool, over to the UM Oval, winding around to Elrod Hall and then back to the Oval and between the residence halls. During that stretch you'll deal with five more inflatables. After "Bumpin' Bumpin'," there's a long "obstacle-free" run around Washington Grizzly Station and then into the stadium for another obstacle. Participants will head back out to the tailgate area for one more inflatable and to the "start-finish" line.

At the Midway, there will be refreshments and adult beverages, too.

You can still get a good registration discount through Thursday, so take advantage of that. This will be a blast!

Register on-line, by checking out the Insane Inflatable 5K page.