YouTube is a treasure trove of time sucking viral videos. From cats doing weird things, to people doing even weirder things. But when it comes to Missoula videos on Youtube, these are the videos that have been viewed THE MOST, for whatever reason. 

Some of these make sense. Like, who WOULDN'T want to see the most amazing cello player filmed in our town? Others, like a portable rocket mass heater (??) are simply head-scratching.

Now, granted, there are some local celebrities that create videos here in our town (example: Hank Green), but those videos appear to be meant for a national audience beyond just our town. Instead, let's focus on the top 5 most viewed videos, according to YouTube that were tagged into the Missoula catagory:

#1 Portable rocket mass heater / free cycles missoula (227,828 views)

#2 The Missoula Office (And P4A and TheBrainScoop) (227,828 views)

#3 1000 yard championship shooting perfect score missoula (183,299 views)

#4 Clean, sustainable wood burning in missoula, montana (181,913 views)

#5 Amazing Cello guy in MISSOULA!!!! (139,301 views)

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