Last year, KLYQ and our group of stations in Missoula invited the national traveling show Insane Inflatable 5K to Montana. We took over the University of Montana campus and had a huge amount of fun.

The reasoning is simple. Kids have a lot of fun with those "bouncey houses," so why can't adults? Add about 12 huge inflatable slides, climbing ramps, hanging obstacles
to a 5-kilometer course and bring on the people.

I think the general comments by last year's crowd were in the line of, "Those are huge slides!" and "Oh, watch me bounce on this!" There were lots of smiles.

The day is set up in with a start time (called a "Wave") about every 15 minutes. When you pay your entry fee, you sign up for one of these "waves," so you know when to come to the site. The waves earlier in the day fill up fast. Oh, and while we're mentioning entry fees, it is a lot less expensive the earlier you register. I'd suggest next week, really!

This May 8th, we're taking over the University Golf Course, over by married student housing of the University of Montana. Also special thanks to our presenting sponsor, the Karl Tyler Auto Group.

May 8th is Mother's Day, and one of our unofficial slogans is, "Insane Inflatables - where moms can act like a kid on Mother's Day!" ...and so can dads.

If you attended last year, you will find some new inflatables this year. You just can't keep a good idea down. Go to this website to register.

Take a look!