November's "Small Town, Big Science" program of the web series "This Week In Microbiology" was released this past week.

Host Vincent Racaniello recorded the hour-long program in front of a live audience at the HHS Performing Arts Center November 18.

The topic was how scientists at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) and others in the area have helped students discover careers in science. Racaniello was joined on stage by a panel of former Hamilton and Corvallis students and two teachers, Marie Antoniolo and Jim Striebel (who now works at RML).

The students on the panel, who also work at RML, were Forrest Jessop, Kyle Shifflett and Bryan Hansen.

The video of the program is on YouTube.
If you'd like to know more about "This Week in Microbiology" and listen to other podcasts, check out the TWIM page on the Microbe World website.

The web panel in Hamilton was presented as part of the public outreach program from the Rocky Mountain Laboratories, an NIH/NIAID facility in Hamilton.