Ravalli County Public Health reported another three positive tests for COVID-19 Wednesday, August 26. Two of them are men in their 30s and one is a toddler. One of the cases is related to travel and the other two are family members of an earlier positive tested person. Ravalli County now has 11 active cases of COVID-19 and one person is hospitalized.

Public Information Officer Joseph Hopkins added the Public Health reminders to the public:

  • People of all ages can contract and transmit the coronavirus.
  • Any person can spread the virus without feeling sick or showing any signs of infection.
  • If you are ill, being around others may put their health, well-being and ability to work at risk.
  • If you are sick, stay home and isolate - do not go to work, don't go shopping.
  • Contact your health provider.
  • The general recommendations continue - Wear a mask, Wash your hands often, Watch your social distancing. If you have questions, call your health provider or Public Health at 375-6672. More information is also on the Ravalli County official webpage.

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