Lots of folks have traditions they follow every year. And the July 4th weekend usually sees quite a few. Reunions are popping up, trips to favorite campsites are planned, huge meals in the backyard with every family member in a four-state area are attempted, and Crazy Uncle Louie has a secret stash of M-80s that make things fly incredible distances.
Whatever you do, take a moment and think about those servicemen and women who are not home, and are not participating in family traditions. Instead, they're participating in another American tradition - protecting our country and helping others avoid tyranny. Our best wishes are with them.
As always, be safe when playing with fireworks. Fireworks are not allowed in the Central Business District of Hamilton and are not allowed anywhere in the city limits of Missoula or in the National Forests.
Enjoy the public fireworks Monday night at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds. Our Bitterroot Valley division of GlaxoSmithKline has provided the needed financial boost to make the skies come to life with colors. We thank them.
The show is free to the public and starts at dusk - around 9:30-10pm.