There is no more united group in the world than sports fans, at least when they’re angry. Tell them that they can’t do something or shouldn’t say something and prepare to feel the wrath of their misplaced passion.

And no group sticks to this rule more than European soccer fans. Soccer is a baffling obsession to its fans, and their rivalries can top those of most world wars. Officials in Turkey found themselves learning that the hard way when they instituted a ban on flares.

The hometown fans were forbidden from lighting flares during last Sunday’s match between Eskişehirspor and Bursaspor. Rather than just light a couple of flares to thumb their noses at the rule, they took it to a whole new level: they unfurled a giant “trollface” banner and lit a whole mess of flares on either side of it.

Another YouTuber in the crowd caught some footage from underneath the giant flaming trollface. It’s so joyous to see fans fighting for the sport they love, it almost makes us want to voluntarily attend a live soccer game just so we could participate. If we didn’t have to drive.

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