The two crew members of the Lockheed P2V7 air tanker belonging to Neptune Aviation in Missoula that crashed while making their second slurry run of the day were confirmed dead by Iron County, Utah sheriff’s deputies Sunday afternoon. Sergeant Troy Edwards identified the crash victims as Captain Todd Neil Tompkins, and First Officer Ronnie Edward Chambliss, both of Boise, Idaho and both firefighters with Neptune Aviation.

Sgt. Edwards said it took rescue teams several hours to reach the crash site that was directly in the path of the White Rock fire in Hamlin Valley, Utah. Edwards says the aircraft completed its first slurry run successfully, but something happened during the second run, and the plane went down. The FAA, the U. S. Forest Service and Neptune Aviation officials are en route to the crash scene. Edwards says the families of both victims have been notified. The report from Sgt. Edwards can be heard by clicking below.