Wednesday, Ravalli County Public Health reported two new positive tests for COVID-19. Public Information Officer Joseph Hopkins said one was a woman in her 60s, with no known cause by travel or close contact to an infected person. The other was a man in his 80s, who was exposed to a previously known positive case. There are now 5 active cases of the coronavirus in the valley and all are in isolation and their contacts are under quarantine.

Public Health is only testing close contacts and outbreaks under investigation and they do not do the testing at the Public Health office. Those who have symptoms of COVID-19 are asked to contact their health provider for evaluation. If you think you have had an exposure to someone with COVID-19, you should self-quarantine and call public health for more information at 406 375-6672. Interim Director of Public Health Tiffany Webber, RN, commented in the Thursday report, "Thank you, Ravalli County, for all you do to protect the health and safety of our community!"

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