Considering the amount of time that wasn't spent on ironing out Assassin's Creed Unity, there's definitely room for new project managers and programmers at Ubisoft.

The Ubiblog has announced Ubisoft's 2015 Graduate Program. This initiative allows recent collegiate graduates to enter the video game industry and choose a career path that can lead to project management, online programming or gameplay programming. The Project Management program focuses on what it takes to be a producer behind the scenes during video game development. This means you'll keep your designers, artists, sound crew, animators, etc. all on the same page and have everyone on schedule as you manage the project's resources. To enter this program, you must have a Bachelor or Master's degree in Business Admininistration, Economics, Project Management or Engineering with at least one year of professional experience (internships excluded).

The Online Programming graduate program focuses on keeping players connected to one another to play as a group. As you would expect, coding and computer skills are required, as is a Bachelor or Master's degree in Engineering or Computer Science. Again, one year of professional, non-internship experience is required to apply.

The Gameplay Programming program (we know, it's getting redundant), focuses on core video game design. It's everything you imagine it to be with all sorts of late hours spent coding. You need a Bachelor or Master's degree in Engineering or Computer Science to apply.

If you think you have what it takes, go for it. We just hope Ubisoft doesn't crack the whip at you guys and purposely rush another game to hit the shelves for the holiday season. Just make sure you live close to one of the Ubisoft studios involved with the program, such as Paris, Annecy, Montpellier, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Romania, Newcastle, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, North Carolina and Singapore before you go apply.