An Emmy was awarded this fall for the documentary film "Valley Uprising," about the history of Yosemite National Park's rock-climbing.

The team that produced the film included five University of Montana graduates of the School of Media Arts. The Emmy was for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction, awarded during the News and Documentary Award ceremony in New York in September.

UM graduate Barry Thompson was the Lead Motion Designer and Art Director. His team included Sari Jones, Greg Twigg, Eric Bucy and Wesley Meeks, all graduates of the Media Arts School.

In a UM news release, Twigg explained that with very little historic video to work with, the team instead "flew" through the photographs in an attempt to produce vertigo in the viewers.

Twigg said, "That fact that the majority of the team was made up of UM media arts alums is truly as much a major win here on campus as it is for us individually. It feels really, really great."

"Valley Uprising" has been screened at several film festivals since its release in 2014, picking up even more awards.

Here's a trailer of the documentary.