A Homecoming treat for the Class A Hamilton Broncs Friday night, as they defeated the Ronan Chiefs by a score of 55 to 0. Almost all the scoring was in the first half for the Hamilton High School football team, starting with the first play of the game, with quarterback Tyson Rostad getting the ball to Isiah Van deBaan for a 65-yard play to the end zone. Tyler Jones kicked the extra point for an early 7-point lead.

On their next possession, the Broncs scored again, set up by a Rostad pass to Tim Zohner, who took it to the 1-yard line. Then a Rostad pass to Eli Taylor in the end zone made it 14-0 for Hamilton. Ronan fumbled and Hamilton recovered the ball. They then tried a trick play with Liam O'Connell passing to Rostad, who took it for a score. Rostad finished the first quarter with a keeper that scored another 6. Tyler Jones kicked the PAT on every one of those scores making the total after one quarter, Hamilton 28 Ronan 0.

In the second quarter, Hamilton scored in their first possession. A short time later, a Rostad hand-off to Zohner for a 41-0 score brought in the Montana High School Association mercy rule - the clock continued to run for the rest of the game, except for time-outs and injuries. Hamilton scored one more time and the score at the half was Hamilton 48 Ronan 0. The Broncs scored one more time in the third quarter and with no scoring in the fourth quarter the final tally was Hamilton 55 Ronan 0.

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Next week, Hamilton travels to Libby for a game against the Loggers. The final regular season game will be October 22 at the Hamilton Athletic Center against Columbia Falls. All games will on 1240 KLYQ AM Radio and at www.klyq.com.

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