Kathleen Williams stopped in Hamilton October 5th during her 6-day, 2,000 mile “Solutions Tour” in her campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives. Monday evening, the Democratic candidate spoke to a friendly group, addressing three main topics –fixing healthcare, fostering opportunity and protecting Montana’s outdoor heritage. She is proud of her work in outdoor resources.

“I’ve got a 37-year career in natural resources and conservation. My specialty is in water, so a lot of bringing people together and finding long term solutions to really difficult issues. We all need water whether you’re an irrigator, an industry or a city or a town...or a cow. But we also value our rivers and streams staying healthy. So being able to bring Montanans and others together to come up with those win-win-win solutions is a great opportunity and I think we need more of that in Congress.”

KLYQ asked what she saw as the main difference between herself and her Republican opponent Matt Rosendale.

“I’m running to be a public servant. I’ve run for three terms in the state legislature, always in the House. And he’s run for six different offices in the last 10 years. I think he’s a political climber. I’m going out there to serve Montana to be a true representative, to be an independent voice for Montanans and to represent and to show Montana that we can have a higher standard for this office and also for who’s in it. We should expect service and not political climbers.”

At her Missoula stop, Williams was asked if she’d be able to work with President Trump, should he be re-elected.

“Absolutely. I can work with any President as long as it’s on good ideas. So, we’re going to make sure that we bring Montana’s interests to Congress and solve those problems and then come back and communicate and meet with people in person and get results.”

Williams wraps up her 6-day 23-stop tour in Butte, Dillon and Bozeman Tuesday.

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