There's always something going on in the solar system. You just have to have the right connections and, more importantly, good viewing.

Tuesday afternoon, the planet Venus will pass between Earth and the Sun in what is called a transit. This happened in 2004 (see photo) and will not happen again from our viewpoint on Earth until 2117.

The scientists always get excited about this, but they also always roll out the warnings about not looking directly at the sun.

And, in this case, that makes even more sense, since the planet is so small on the face of the star. The best way to watch this is on the internet. NASA will have a live streaming site, along with folks chatting about it as the crossing takes place.

It will take about 6 hours for Venus to cross, starting at about 3:10 here in the Bitterroot Valley,  so the sun will set before the event concludes. Even more reason to check it online. We have the link right here.