The Missoula Osprey are having their opening day ceremonies Thursday, June 20 at Ogren Park at Allegiance Field. Osprey officials will be displaying  a giant American flag during the national anthem, and need volunteers to hold the flag.

photo by Todd Goodrich

Andy English with the Montana Air National Guard said Monday, that veterans and currently serving military personnel are requested to hold the flag.

"Right now, we've got a 50 foot by 30 foot flag, its actually the same flag we've had at many of the Grizzly football games," English said. "The Osprey have asked the Montana Air National Guard to produce the giant American flag on Thursday the 20th of June. We're looking for approximately 55 people to hold the flag on the field, of course the flag cannot touch the ground at all. So, its very imperative that we have enough people to hold the flag."

English said they would prefer veterans to hold the flag, but other volunteers would be welcome.

"If we do not get enough veterans or military personnel then we will just look to fans in the stands or season ticket holders, or that sort of thing," English said.

English provided contact information for those who would like to volunteer.

"They can contact Grant Warner at Missoula Osprey, who is developing the list of volunteers at 541-9314," English said. "The best way to contact me is through email and my civilian email is pilotbabysitter at yahoo dot com."

Andy English with the Montana Air National Guard