How often have you had a close-up look at a common Barn Swallow? Usually, they're flying by or perched somewhere away from people. Photographer Mike Daniels was minding his own business when a barn swallow perched on a nearby gate and sat for a while. At one point another swallow cruised in and it looks like it didn't land well.

Two swallows. (Mike Daniels Photo)

But after a while, the original bird decided to pose for a proper portrait. Mike was happy to oblige.

Barn Swallow portrait. (Mike Daniels Photo)

Oh, and have you wondered why it's called a barn Swallow? Maybe we need a closer look.

No tonsils here. (Mike Daniels Photo)

A big mouth for such a little bird.

OK, ya got yer picture, now get outta here. (Mike Daniels Photo)

Meanwhile, Mike noticed that there are still some folks "on the fence" about the upcoming election.

Turkeys on a fence. (Mike Daniels Photo)

From our national desk:

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