NASA has released some beautiful video from the International Space Station.

The video is produced in what is called Ultra High Definition. I call it "pretty dang coo." It will take you right up into low Earth orbit. Watch this at night with all the room lights off for full effect.

Thanks, NASA!

By the way, if the skies are clear, you can see the ISS pass overhead in the Bitterroot Valley at 10:18 p.m. Friday, June 19. Look to the west and a bit south over the Bitterroot Mountains. The station will fade up and become very bright (much brighter than a satellite) and will move at a pretty good pace for three minutes. Then, it will fade out as it passes into shadow around the Earth from the Sun. You can see future crossings at NASA's Spot the Station website. Because of its orbit, the space station will not cross over the Bitterroot again until July.