The Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department is conducting their annual fund drive this month, encouraging local folks to support the department. The money will help purchase training and safety tools for the members.

An additional request from the department this year is "Join the team."

The volunteers at the department cover the Hamilton city and nearby rural areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including many hours of training each year. It's not your typical volunteer position, but talk to any of the firemen and and they will tell you how rewarding it is. You are indeed making a difference in the community!

What's required? You should be in good health. No experience necessary, because there is plenty of in-house training.

Fire Chief Brad Mohn is asking you to contact the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department by phone at (406) 363-6338 or visit their Facebook page at to start the application process. (They have some great photos and video there, too).

And, once again, the fire department thanks all the businesses that let their employees scramble away from their regular jobs to answer the fire calls.