Recent studies and Hamilton's Master Plan suggest a "wayfinding" sign and information system be developed for the town.

To promote that idea (along with developing a Gateway to downtown Hamilton), a group of residents showed off a type of wayfinding post at the corner of US 93 and Main Street Friday night, during the monthly "Hamilton Tonight" events May 13.

The post was built by Hamilton High School students and is one type of sign that many cities are installing to help residents and tourists find points of interest - everything from hospitals to museums and parks. The wayfinding information can be expressed in signs and kiosks in various locations in a town.

Meanwhile, the Gateway idea has been discussed for a number of years, as the Montana Department of Transportation and the City of Hamilton develop changes to the busy intersection. A welcoming sign or display would encourage travelers on US 93 to stop and visit the area.

Hamilton City Councilperson Jenny West encouraged those interested in the projects to contact their alderman or come to any of the regular city council meetings in Hamilton.