The scene was repeated often in 24 different Hamilton businesses. A person would walk in, gaze at their cell phone and then slowly turn in a circle until they suddenly smiled and tapped the screen of their phone. They had just "captured" a bell and participated in the Hamilton Downtown Association's "Jingle The Bell" scavenger hunt. The contest ran throughout December and from the entrants, two names were drawn at random.

Winners of "Jingle the Bell" were Amber Richardson and Bell Marie. Both get hundreds of dollars of gift certificates from the participating businesses. KLYQ had fun putting the hunt on its "app" and the Hamilton Downtown Association was happy to try a unique new Christmas contest. Keep in touch with the Hamilton Downtown Association with their Facebook page and check local happenings and weather whenever you want at KLYQ's Facebook page and, of course, on our cellphone app. Merry Christmas from all of us at the Hamilton Downtown Association. Oh, and get ready for our first event of 2019, the Crab Feed.