If you aren't able to vote in the May 25th Thursday special election for Montana's Congressional seat - you can vote early in Ravalli County.

The Ravalli County Administration Center has an absentee polling place open during business hours on the ground floor of the building on south 4th Street in Hamilton.

If you received a Ravalli County absentee ballot in the mail, you can also drop it off at a ballot box there, instead of mailing it.

The ballot will be for the replacement of Ryan Zinke, who was selected to be Secretary of the Interior.

Hamilton school district voters will also have two money issues to decide:

  • $9,750,000 bond to consolidate campuses and relocate the Haynes Field sports facility.
  • $400,000 operation levy for continuing operations of the public schools.
  • And for Hamilton precinct voters, a change in polling places.

    For the May 25th election only, the precincts that usually vote at Hamilton High School will instead vote at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds, accroding to County Clerk and Recorder Regina Plettenberg. The election times will be the same.

    All other polling places in the county will remain the same as in the general election.

    Plettenberg said more information on both the Congressional and the Hamilton School District elections can be found on the Ravalli County special election website page.