Let's pretend you're on a cruise ship that is having a technical problem of some sort - like toilets backed up.

You want to signal for help.

If you used this tugboat-sized Solo bottle, your message would be noticed.

As a fun way to promote a Norwegian soft drink, Solo has spent the money to float what they're calling "the world's largest message-in-a-bottle" (and there is a large message inside!).

But that's not all. The company says the bottle is designed to stay afloat and is solar-powered and radio-equipped, so it can transmit its location as it floats in the Atlantic Ocean.

We'll see. The first days of the planned "float" have already passed and as of today, March 19, it's still docked. Even if it's a hoax or an epic fail, it's fun.

The company hopes that curious folks will follow its journey on Solo's Facebook page. It's another not-so-sneaky way to use social media to promote a product. And, you'll notice that the actual bottle includes writing in English, not just Norwegian. Hmmm...a suggestion from the marketing department, maybe?

Take a look. The pictures are cool. The Norwegian telecasts are fun, but not in English, of course. The bottle was supposed to launch a few days ago from the Canary Islands. It is still in the harbor, as you'll see.