"If you care, leave that young animal there," is the spring slogan of Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Part of growing up in the wild for young animals is the ability to be alone for extended times. As a result, while adults are out foraging for food, they may leave a young animal alone for an extended time.

An FWP news release notes that many people think the animal has been abandoned and pick them up. That is a quick way for the animal to truly be abandoned.

Once the youngster has a human scent transferred to their body, the adult animals will stay away.

Now, if you think the animal is injured, don't approach it. Instead, call the FWP. They know what can be done in that situation.

FWP also is asking dog owners to keep their animals on a leash this time of year so they don't chase, injure or stress the young wildlife.

Remember - If you care, leave them there.