Small teams of humans against zombies included marshmallow gun battles and lots of lurching Saturday during the Ravalli County Museum's "Zombie Apocalypse" in Hamilton.

Several groups of zombies were prepared by a cadre of makeup artists Saturday morning at the museum and then placed in various locations throughout the downtown area. Then at 4:30 p.m., scavenger hunt teams were sent out to get needed survival gear, following written clues that led them past the zombies. There was a two-hour time limit. Each team was provided with a marshmallow gun, which slowed down the stumbling creatures, allowing team members to get the items and move on to the next challenge, as they hoped to conclude the hunt by finding a cure to the zombie plague.

It was all done in fun, and a dance was held after the scavenger hunt. Following that was the screening of "Zombies of the Living Dead" from Christian Ackerman.

The event was held to reach a younger audience for support of the Ravalli County Museum. Over 20 businesses and organizations joined in the first ever "Zombie Apocalypse."